Adult English Teacher in Minhang Shanghai

Part-time Job

Looking for an adult English teacher in Shanghai, Minhang district area. We need an experience English teacher would be able to teach on Wednesdays 7:00-8:30pm and on Sundays 1:00-2:30 pm with given materials. Teacher needs to prepare the given material for a group of 2-4 students. Our students are 20-35 year old striving to learn oral English. We need native English speakers with TEFL/TESOL certified and looking for long term cooperation. Salary is given 250-350 rmb per hour.  Send your self introductory video on my wechat.

WeChat: neweraagent

3 Hours Part-time Job in Shanghai line 16

We need a part-time foreigner English teacher on line 16 nearby Dishui lake station. We need the teacher to work there from Tuesday to Friday each time 2 hours from 4-7pm. You need to teach kids like 4-6 year old. You also need to make your own lesson plan based on the plan provided by the school text book. Four days in a row and each time 2 hours in the afternoon. Teacher must have over one year teaching experience and should be making lesson plan experience. Teacher must have a very clear accent and active and passionate about teaching.  Hourly rate is like 200-300 per hour. Thanks.

WeChat: neweraagent.

Part-time Job on Line 7

We need an English teacher in the morning to teach kids at a montessori school on line 7 near by Xincun road station. Twice a week in the mornings and each time 1 hour. Teacher will be paid around 200-250 for one hour. In this case we only accept European English teachers.

Contact: neweraagent

Hiring Native English Speakers

Job Description

  1. Job location is in Shanghai Lujiabang Road nearby line 8/4.
  2. Need to teach 5th grade students at a training center.
  3. The class on friday from 4:30-6:00pm.
  4. Teaching materials would be provided.
  5. It’s a part-time job offer.


  1. Must be a native English Speakers
  2. Must have over one year teaching experience
  3. We are looking for a serious and responsible teacher.

Send me your self-introductory video and cv on my WeChat:


Part-time Job in Shanghai

Shanghai Expat Job

Teaching English


  1. Teaching kids like 4-6 years old.
  2. Three times a week and each time one hour on mondays, wednesdays and fridays in the afternoons 4:30-5:30 pm
  3. Teaching materials would be provided
  4. It’s on line 7, xingzhi road
  5. Looking an English teacher nearby that area


  1. We need a teacher from Europe
  2. We need an active teacher who loves to teach kids
  3. Teacher must have over one year teaching Experience
  4. Must have a clear English accent.