Jobs in Fujian China

Jobs in Fujian China

Job Description

1. Teaching ESL— English as a Second Language

2. Lesson planning and preparation as well as curriculum development

3. Supervising tests and exams and giving level tests.

4. Assisting with administration including intake and placement of students and recording their attendance.

5. Counseling students.

6. Participating in the school’s social program including Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs)

7. Participating in Employee training programs and workshops organized by the school.

8. Participating at promotional and marketing activities organized by the school.

9. Attending all scheduled meetings where his/her presence is required.

10. Other tasks assigned by the Education Department and our school in his/her working hours.


1.English Speaking countries, prefer American accent

2.Passionate, humorous, caring and cooperative;

3. Teaching experience preferred.

4. Strong sense of responsibility and commitment



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Ningde Jobs in China for Foreigners

Ningde Jobs in China for Foreigners- Full-time Teaching Position

We need a full time English Teacher in Ningde, Fujian Province. Its a Kindergarten teaching Job

Job Description:

  1. Teaching time from Monday to Friday from 8:30-17:00pm.
  2. You need to teach kindergarteners like 6-8 years old.
  3. No extra office hours. You need to be there from 8:30-17:00 pm. This includes office hours.
  4. The lesson plan for job would be provided.
  5. European teachers are most.


  1. Must have a bachelor degree or college diploma or above
  2. Preferred TEFL/TESOL certified teachers
  3. Easy going and out going person
  4. Clear English accent


  1. Salary 10-15k
  2. Free lunch
  3. Furnished accommodation
  4. Visa support

Send me your self introductory video at and contact at WeChat- neweraagent