Wuhan Expat Job-Teaching English 11k-15k

Looking for an English teacher for international kindergarten in Wuhan city, Hubei ,China.


Position:Early Childhood Education Teacher

Kids age: 3-6 years old

Class size: 25-30

Salary: 11K-15K after tax.

Working hours :40 working hours per week


1.Apartment rent allowance RMB1600 monthly

2.Airfare allowance: Maximum of RMB10, 000 per year upon finishing the contract.


1. Implementing and reviewing age-appropriate curriculum in accordance with the kindergarten’s philosophy and program goals

2. Attending and participating in training sessions and meetings as directed.

3. Preparing, maintaining and submitting timely and accurate feedback on lessons and student performance.

4. Attending and taking action on issues raised in one-on-one consultation or in group meeting regarding the       employee’s job performance, professional development, and other issues relating to the employer in general.

5. Obey the leadership arrangement

6.You must have a clear accent. Able to work long time .

You must have two years working experience with a bachelor degree graduated .

If you are interested in , send your cv and introductory video to :

WeChat : neweraagent

Email: fe@3emj.com