300rmb/h Part-time Jobs in Shanghai 

Part-time Jobs in Shanghai

This is a job in shanghai on line 2, Siping road Station

Job Description:

  1. Kid’s age range from 4-12 years
  2. They have background of learning english
  3. Lesson plan would be provided.
  4. The jobs mentioned above require do a demo first.
  5. There are classes on Tuesday 18:10-19:45 and on Sunday 9:00-10:30


  1. Teacher must be from America/Canada/Australia
  2. Teacher should have TEFL/TESOL certificates
  3. Willing to teach for long time.
  4. Enjoy teaching kids
  5. Easy going and wiling to co-operate for various matters


300 rmb per hour

Send me your self introductory video at fe@3emj.com. WeChat: neweraagent.


Part-time Jobs in Shanghai For Foreigners

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