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5 Part-time Jobs in Shanghai for Foreigners

  1. Teaching IGCSE course in shanghai. Only British Teachers are accepted. Once a week 600-800 per hour. Line 13, Zhenbei road.
  2. Teaching English on Line 9, Jiuting Station. Saturday afternoons 3 hours. Each hour 200-250 rmb.
  3. Teaching English in Shanghai, Line 2, East Hua Xia road,  Pudong district. 250 per hour.
  4. Teaching English to Kids in Shanghai, Line 6, Jufeng road station, Pudong district 250-300 per hour.
  5. Teaching English in Shanghai, Zhabei District, Saturday afternoons 4:30-6 pm.

Job Description:

  1. Kid’s age range from 4-12 years
  2. They have background of learning english
  3. Lesson plan would be provided.
  4. All the jobs mentioned above require do a demo first.


  1. Teacher must be from Britain specially for ICGSE course.
  2. Teacher should have TEFL/TESOL certificates
  3. Willing to teach for long time.
  4. Enjoy teaching kids
  5. Easy going and wiling to co-operate for various matters

Send me your self introductory video at fe@3emj.com. WeChat: neweraagent.

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