Job in Shenyang

Job in Shenyang

Kindergarten in Shenyang City Hunnan district needs full time English teacher!

Job description:Monday to Friday 

From 8:00 to 17:00

Salary:10–14k; 14-16k ( native) depending on the demo. Yearly contract provide accommodation .  Work permit is available! Send me your introduction video to me

WeChat: neweraagent

Jobs in Shanghai Pudong

Jobs in Shanghai Pudong

Need a Part-time English Teacher in Shanghai Line 11

Only work in the thursday morning for 2 hours

Need to teach kids like 2-4years old


1. Must have a clear accent

2. European teachers

3. Able to work long time

4 .Non natives with clean accent

5. Teacher should be nearby  line 11 shanghai pudong tangqiao


  1. Work plan will be given
  2. Teaching younger kids like 2-4 years old
  3. Help with the lesson plan

Salary:200-250 rmb per hour

WeChat: neweraagent

Hangzhou Jobs for Foreigners


Hangzhou Jobs for Natives and Non-natives

 Training school needs  foreign teacher

1, Student age: 3-18

2, Working hours: 40 hours +two day rest (one week)

3, The pronunciation is very good

4, 2 yrs working experience

5, Non-Native speaker from Europe

6, Salary :15-22k(After tax)for non-natives and natives

7, Class size:  8-12

8, Tefl or tesol

9, Provide work visa

If you are interested, please send your resume ,visa, passport, Bachelors Degree, TEFL, video to me thank you!

WeChat: neweraagent

Jobs in Changzhou For Foreigners

Jobs in Changzhou For Foreigners

Job Description

1. Teaching ESL— English as a Second Language

2. Lesson planning and preparation as well as curriculum development

3. Supervising tests and exams and giving level tes

4. Assisting with administration including intake and placement of students and recording their attendance.

5. Counseling students.


1. Must have a clear accent

2. European teachers

3. Able to work long time

4 .Non natives with clear accent

5. Teacher should not be above 40 years

6.You must be have on year visa

7.You will have 22 holidays

8.You must have Tesol

Benefits 5days a week

2. Salary:12K-14K +1500 apartment fee

Jobs in Shanghai Lingang for Expats

Jobs in Shanghai Lingang for Expats

Urgently recruit a foreign teacher working in a English training school!!!

Job Type: full-time

Working hrs: 40hrs/week (including office time)

Location: Lingang(临港), Pudong District

Job description:

  1. Teaching 3 to 6year olds English;
  2. Preparing lesson plan for each class;
  3. Preparing materials and resources for each class;
  4. Working with Education Director to discuss the teaching matters.

Job requirements:

  1. The teacher must be responsible with good pronunciation.
  2. A bachelor degree needed.
  3. A clear criminal background needed.
  4. A good personality needed.
  5. The teacher holding TEFL or TESOL would be advantage.
  6. The teacher who could communicate in Chinese would be advantage.
  7. Easy going with a team needed.


  1. Salary: RMB11000-18000 (before tax), and a commercial insurance.
  2. Free accommodation.
  3. Working visa provided.
  4. Flight allowance RMB5000 per year.

Welcome all applicants to send your CV to us via E-mail and Wechat.

E-mail address: