Part-time Expat Job China

Part-time Expat Job

Job Description

  1. Need to work at a pre-school center
  2. You need to teach English to kids
  3. Every Tuesday you need to teach there for 90 minutes in the morning
  4. You will be given class plan and yo need to follow it.
  5. You need to prepare your own games.
  6. It’s on line 3/4 Zhenping road station


  1. You must have over one year teaching experience 
  2. You must have strong skills to control kids and environment 
  3. You are good at singing and playing game with kids
  4. You must a very clear English accent.

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WeChat: neweraagent

Shanghai Part-time Job line 2/7

Expat Part-time Job

Need a part-time teacher in Shanghai on line 2/7 Century park/longyang road once a week in the morning for two hours. You need to teach kids like 2-3 years old in the morning. You must be active and passionate about teaching. You need do it for 4-6 months. You will be given lesson plan and you need to prepare your own games and activities. We pay 200-250 per hour. WeChat: neweraagent.

Shanghai Part-time Job

Need a part-time English teacher in Shanghai on line 16 to teach kids on sunday mornings for 2 hours from 10-12 pm. We want an experienced teacher to do this job for us since parents would be there in the class. Kids age 2-4 years old and you would be given lesson plan. salary: 200-250 rmb per hour. WeChat contact: neweraagent

Shanghai Part-time Job

Teach English

Jobs Description

  1. Need to teach kids like 2-4 years old
  2. You need to work on saturdays or sundays for two hours in the mornings
  3. You will be given lesson plan
  4. You need to teach English to the kids


  1. Native English speakers or Excellent non-native teachers.
  2. Over one year experienced teachers with kids.
  3. You must be out-going and passionate about teaching.
  4. You need to do it for six months or more.

Salary:200-250 per hour.

WeChat: neweraagent

Event Holding Job on Saturday

Event Teacher Shanghai Job

We need a non-native or a native English teacher to hold an activity on saturday morning from 10:00-11:30 am nearby Caobao road line 1. You need to able to talk freely, singing and dancing with kids there. It’s not a teaching English class. Kids are like 3-6 years old. You will be given the content ahead of the event so that you can prepare yourself.

Send me your self-introductory video on WeChat.

Payment 300-450 rmb for 90 minutes right after class on WeChat.

WeChat: neweraagent