Shanghai Full-time Teaching Job

Full-time Teachers –  English Teaching Job in Shanghai

Job Description

* Five days work and two days off (25 teaching hours and 15 office hours)

* Need to teach students like 5-45 years old

* Help with lesson plan

* Work with the school for activities

* Providing feedback back to managers

* 6-10 hours teaching adults, 19-15 hours teaching kids

* Interaction and game based class environment. We are an institution for creative teachers.

* Need to prepare interactive games or activities encourage students toward learning.

* Teacher would be responsible for teaching oral English/Online course/Student Consulting/Organizing creative activities. 


* Salary: 12k-18k

* Provide 2000 rmb for  apartment

* Monthly bonus 200-1000 rmb

* End of one year 25000 rmb bonus


*  Must have a bachelor degree or above

*  Must be a native English or Non-natives with very clear English accent.

*  Able to work one year or more 

*  You must  have a TEFL/TESOL

*  Teacher should not be above 45 years

*  You need to be qualified for visa or get your own visa

WeChat: neweraagent

Expat Job Shanghai

Job for Expats

Type: Part-time Teaching English

Location: Shanghai, Line 7,  Fanghua road

Days: Thursday’s mornings

Duration: 90 minutes each time

Kid’s age: 2-3 threes year old. Pre-school kids like in a day care center.

Materials: Provided

Lesson plan: Provided

Games & Interaction: Play your own games and do your own interaction

Working duration: 4-6 months.

Starting: ASAP

Working hours: 9-10:30 am in the mornings

Wage: 200-300 rmb per hour. Based on qualification.

WeChat Contact: neweraagent

Expat Part-time Job

Need a part-time teacher today at 2:30 in shanghai on line 13 at Daduhe road station. Teacher needs to teach English to 2-3 year old kids for one hour. Teachers from Europe are preferred and must have over one year teaching experience. 250 rmb per hour.

We will provide you teaching materials and you need to prepare your own games.

Contact: neweraagent

Part-time Job in Shanghai

Need a Part-time Teacher in the morning in Shanghai on line 4 Tangqiao station. We need the teacher to go there and teach English to kids like 2-3 years old on every wednesday. There would be 12-15 kids per class. Looking for experience teachers from America/Canada/Australia/New-zealand/Ireland. Lesson plan would be provided and we prefer to have TEFL/TESOL. Salary 200-300 rmb per. This job requires a demo first.

Send me your self introductory video at neweraagent (WeChat)

Native Speaker – Shanghai Part-time Job 

Shanghai Part-time Job

Location: Shanghai, line 13, Jinshajiang xi road( East Jinshanjaing road)


  1. Need to work in a day-care center.
  2. Teach English twice a week. Each time 60 minutes
  3. Kids are like 2-3 years old.
  4. Lesson plan would be given
  5. Teacher’s need to play games


  1. Must be a native English speaker from America/England/Australia/Canada/Ireland/Newzealand
  2. Preferred TEFL/TESOL certified
  3. You need to do it at least for 4 months
  4. Got over one year experience

Salary:200-300 rmb per

Send me your self-introductory video at or WeChat: neweraagent