Expat Job Shanghai

Job for Expats

Type: Part-time Teaching English

Location: Shanghai, Line 7,  Fanghua road

Days: Thursday’s mornings

Duration: 90 minutes each time

Kid’s age: 2-3 threes year old. Pre-school kids like in a day care center.

Materials: Provided

Lesson plan: Provided

Games & Interaction: Play your own games and do your own interaction

Working duration: 4-6 months.

Starting: ASAP

Working hours: 9-10:30 am in the mornings

Wage: 200-300 rmb per hour. Based on qualification.

WeChat Contact: neweraagent

Part-time Job in Anting Shanghai

Position: Part-time

Location: Shanghai, Anting, Line 11

Student’s age: 3-8 years old

Teaching time: Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Each morning 90 minutes from 9:00-10:30. Two groups of students

Materials: provided


  1. Very good non-native English teacher
  2. Over one year experienced
  3. Creative and love to play and teach kids
  4. Preferred TEFL/TESOL certified
  5. Must have a very good English accent

Salary:200-250 per hour(based on eligibility)

WeChat: newearagent

Email: fe@3emj.com

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Morning Teaching Job in Shanghai

Morning Teaching Job in Shanghai

Location: Shanghai, Line 7, Gucun Park

Job Description

1. 10 hours per week in the morning from 9-11 am
2. Salary 6000-7000 rmb
3. Two months full time job
4. Teaching kids like 3-12 years old

5. Paid government holidays 

6. Paid sick leaves for 5 days

7. Pay day is the 15th of each month.

8. We want the teacher somewhere nearby Shanghai University 

1. Qualified English teacher
2. TESOL/TEFL Certified
3. English accent close to native speakers

4. Teacher needs to do the job at least for six months 

Contact WeChat: neweraagent

Part-time Teaching in Shanghai

Line 7, Langao road in any two mornings of week days for 90 minutes. Each hour 200 rmb. Teaching kids like 2-3 years old. Need European female teacher. Teacher needs to do her own teaching plan.

WeChat: neweraagent

Full-time Jobs in Shanghai 

Full-time Jobs in Shanghai 

Job Description

1. Teaching ESL— English as a Second Language

  1. Working Thursday to Fri from 1-7 pm
  2. Working Sat to Sun from 9-8 pm

2. Lesson planning and preparation as well as curriculum development

3. Teaching kids and adults

4. Helping with lesson plans and 

5. Counseling students.


1. Must have a clear accent

2. Must be native english speakers from USA/Canada/Australia/England/New zealand 

3. Able to work long time

4. Teacher should not be above 50 years

5.You will have 22 holidays

6.You must have Tesol


  1. work 4days a week
  2. Salary:18k

WeChat: neweraagent