Shanghai Full-time Teaching Job

Full-time Teachers –  English Teaching Job in Shanghai

Job Description

* Five days work and two days off (25 teaching hours and 15 office hours)

* Need to teach students like 5-45 years old

* Help with lesson plan

* Work with the school for activities

* Providing feedback back to managers

* 6-10 hours teaching adults, 19-15 hours teaching kids

* Interaction and game based class environment. We are an institution for creative teachers.

* Need to prepare interactive games or activities encourage students toward learning.

* Teacher would be responsible for teaching oral English/Online course/Student Consulting/Organizing creative activities. 


* Salary: 12k-18k

* Provide 2000 rmb for  apartment

* Monthly bonus 200-1000 rmb

* End of one year 25000 rmb bonus


*  Must have a bachelor degree or above

*  Must be a native English or Non-natives with very clear English accent.

*  Able to work one year or more 

*  You must  have a TEFL/TESOL

*  Teacher should not be above 45 years

*  You need to be qualified for visa or get your own visa

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