Teaching in Shanghai, Xujiahui district

Looking for a part time English teacher in Shanghai Xujiahui District, Line 11, Jiaoting University station

Type: Part time

Location: Shanghai

Working hours: Once  a week 9:30-11:00. on Mondays

Kid’s age: 2-4 years old

Materials: Provided

Training: Provided

Wage: 200 per hour

Contract time: You need to be able to do it at least for six months.

To apply this send me your resume and a self introductory video at fe@3emj.com. Add me on WeChat neweraagent.


Rules to work with us:

Details and rules to work with us

  1. Each class for 90 minutes with kids like 4-5 years old
  2. Need to do it at least for six months
  3. If you leave earlier than six months you won’t be paid salary for last month
  4. Salary date each month 15th-18th
  5. if you are late even 5 minutes u will lose 25 rmb. Being late for more than 5 minutes you will lose 50 rmb.


  1. Send me voice message of self introductory
  2. Send me teaching videos or photos
  3. Easy going and love kids
  4. You need to draw on the board



If you do it better you will be given a lot of classes. Thanks